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Want to become a member of the Special Education Advisory Council?

Claiborne Parish School Board




Want to become a member of the Special Education Advisory Council?


Louisiana law requires that each school district and charter school establish and maintain a local Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC).


What is the role of the SEAC?


The purpose of the SEAC is to provide advice and feedback regarding special education policies, procedures, and resources.  The SEAC is also intended to engage in outreach activities to increase the level of community knowledge, support, and collaboration regarding special education.


What are membership requirements for local Special Education Advisory Committees?


Louisiana law requires the number and composition of SEAC to be determined by the Superintendent.  The SEAC for the Claiborne Parish School Board consists of four (4) individuals, including the following:


  • (2) members who are parents or legal guardians of students with an exceptionality, other than gifted and talented, who are enrolled in a school under the jurisdiction of the Claiborne Parish School Board.
  • (1) member who is a teacher, principal, or paraprofessional; and
  • (1) member who is another special education stakeholder.
  • A chairperson designated by the Superintendent (who may also serve as one of the appointed members.


When does the SEAC meet?


The SEAC is required to meet three (3) times per year.


How can I apply to become a SEAC member?


If you are interested in becoming a member of Claiborne Parish School Board’s SEAC, please use the contact information listed below.  All applications must be received no later than 3:00 p.m. on December 13, 2019, to be considered.

Application to become a SEAC member 

Mary Prior, Supervisor of Special Education

Claiborne Parish Special Services                               Phone:  318-927-2496

500 North Main                                                                    Fax:   318-927-9978

Homer, LA  71040