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Bullying Videos

How Do I Make Kids Stop Bullying Me?

When Nate got to middle school everything and everyone seemed to change. Kids he had known and gone to school with his whole life came back different, and some of them had turned mean, and that's when the bullying started.

How to Stop a Bully

Author/Speaker Brooks Gibbs explains bullying in the most simplistic terms: Dominance behavior. He provides a simple solution to bullying as well: Don't get upset.

Stand Against Bullying. Don't Be a Bystander

We are the Cadets of the Robert Land Academy, an all-boys military school. We have taken a stand against bullying and hope you will too. We have signed a pledge that we will not bully and we will not be bystanders when we see bullying occur.

Student's viral poem asks 'Why am I not good enough?'

When Olivia Vella was asked to explore a topic she was passionate about for her seventh grade writing final, she turned to insecurities. In the poem, the Arizona girl takes her listeners through the stream of consciousness of a middle school student, highlighting all the vulnerabilities they must face to get through a typical day.

This Girl Was Getting Bullied. How These Strangers Reacted Will Surprise You

Who will stop the bullying? Last time I filmed a video with a boy being bullied. I decided to conduct the very same social experiment but this time I wanted to see how people would react if they saw a girl being bullied in public. The results were surprising!